Step-by-Step CPR Training Guide

CPR is an important skill to know in case of an emergency. Bystanders who are trained in CPR can save lives by providing potentially life-saving interventions. The steps for performing CPR are relatively simple and straightforward. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of the process before attempting to provide assistance in an […]

Child First Aid Courses Yeovil

The Ultimate Guide To Child First Aid Courses

Here at Lightning Training Solutions, a lot of planning and organisation goes into all of our Child First Aid Courses, whether we are running them at a local centre here in Yeovil, or as a blended training session. Also known as Paediatric First Aid, these training courses are massively popular for staff who work in […]

CPR assessment first aid at work course

Industry Leading Health & Safety Training in Yeovil

Here at Lightning Training Solutions, we are delighted to announce that our Health and Safety Training Courses have become hugely popular in recent months, with our success built on offering flexible learning either on-site, online or via blended courses.

open first aid courses Yeovil

Open & Blended First Aid Courses Yeovil

In this month’s blog, we run through all of our upcoming open courses, which covers First Aid Training, including First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and also Fire Safety and Dog First Aid Training – and a brand new open course; Moving and Handling Patients. These training courses include the […]

Dog First Aid Training Courses Yeovil

Dog First Aid Training Courses Yeovil

We all know how much we love our dogs, so learning the skills and gaining the confidence to treat them could save their life. Lightning Training Solutions, we offer a range of canine first aid courses throughout Yeovil and Somerset. We run both open and blended Dog First Aid Training Courses where we will teach […]

paediatric first aid courses yeovil

Paediatric First Aid Courses Yeovil

If your business or workplace involves children, completing a Paediatric First Aid Course is essential for providing effective first aid to a young child. We have provided training for teachers, childminders, babysitters and day nurseries right across Yeovil & Somerset. Parents may also find the course hugely beneficial, and we would recommend enquiring about attending […]

Blended First Aid & Paediatric Courses in Yeovil

Lightning Training Solutions are delighted to be able to offer blended First Aid courses following approval by the FAIB. What is a blended First Aid course? Blended ‘learning’ is a combination of face-to-face training and learning online. Typically all the theory is carried out and assessed online using interactive and user-friendly modules, whereas hands-on training, […]

fire awareness course

Fire Safety Training – Open Courses in Yeovil

This course not only raises fire awareness and dangers associated with it, but offers guidance to practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks of fire. The objective is to highlight the importance of reducing and controlling fire risks and if necessary, escaping safely in the event of an outbreak of […]