Mental Health First aid stratagy for 2021

  • Almost one in five (19 per cent) of UK adults feeling hopeless
  •  More than one-quarter (27 per cent) of unemployed people feeling hopeless
  • Almost one-third (32 per cent) of young adults aged 18-24 feeling hopeless


It’s been just over two years since we first rolled out our Mental Health First Aid Courses at Lightning Training Solutions.  We initially tackled this growing area of concern in response to the high suicide rate amongst males in the construction industry, however, if this past year has been anything to go by, it would seem the need for it is greater than ever before, and with this in mind, we want to be able to offer help to our local community.

I think we all know that the nation’s mental health is severely deteriorating due to the pandemic as people face up to the increasing stresses of isolation, money-worries, and struggling to cope on their own.  Indeed I think we are all wondering about the repercussions on peoples’ mental health long after the pandemic is over (and let’s remember, end it will!)

However, one positive thing that has come out of this pandemic is the light it has shone on mental health issues.  I really hope to see it covered in future lessons at school, and hope that, post-Covid, it will be mandatory for every business in the land will have a Mental Health First Aider.

As a result of all this, we’re absolutely delighted to be able to offer our very first open Mental First Aid course on 28th January in West Coker Village Hall.  This will be open for anybody who wants to attend and wants to have a positive impact on those around them.

Maybe you’re worried about colleagues or family members?  Maybe you have a friend who you know is struggling but just won’t talk about it?  Maybe you’re desperate to get a friend to open up because you’re worried about what they will do if they don’t?

We were lucky to be able to adapt during the crisis, and now feel we want to give back to our community and offer help in coping with all that Covid has thrown up.  Our course is in West Coker Village Hall, which has a brilliant space and is safely set up to allow proper social distancing whilst giving people a break from being online.  Indeed, we’ve been successfully holding our First Aid Courses at this venue throughout the pandemic and people have said how nice it is to escape the computer!

So please do get in touch with us if you think we can help you?  The cost is £115 + VAT and we hope to roll out more as the year progresses.

“Health is not just being disease-free.  Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy.”

Isha Sadhguru