First Aid Courses in Somerset

Lightning Training Solutions is an established provider of health and safety and first aid courses in Somerset. Based in Yeovil, our team deliver first aid training in a range of different sectors and specialist areas. Among the services we offer are health and safety at work courses, fire safety training and health and safety consultancy. With over 25 years of professional experience we can tailor training to your organisation and to meet your specific needs. 

First Aid at Work Courses in Somerset

One of the most popular courses that we run is First Aid at Work. This is delivered on your premises at a time to suit you. It ranges from a half day refresher course to a 3-day full health and safety at work course. We have experience of working with a range of businesses and deliver courses tailored to your organisation. You can be confident that your staff are receiving specific training related to their job role and place of work. 

We often get asked if our first aid at work courses are suitable for beginners. Quite simply the answer is yes, absolutely. It is important to us to make sure that all participants of the course are engaged and comfortable with what they are learning. Ensuring people leave the course feeling confident that they could apply their new skills if necessary is a top priority for us.

Paediatric First Aid Courses in Somerset

The level of training that we offer with our paediatric courses in Somerset is the standard for pre-school care sectors. The course focuses on how to administer first aid correctly to children in emergency settings. It covers everything from treating minor cuts and burns to eye injuries and basic life support. This course will teach anybody working with children the skills to perform basic paediatric health and safety with confidence. 

This paediatric first aid course is sold as a package and delivers fantastic value to our clients. Included in the package is a full day of training, which can be split between 2 half days. During this training day we will cover child and baby CPR training and give you plenty of opportunity for ‘hands on’ practical training. Once complete the certificate is valid for 3 years.

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Keeping up to Date – First Aid Courses in Somerset

Among the reasons that more people are becoming interested in booking first aid courses in Somerset is to keep up to date with the latest practices and advice. It is important for employers to ensure that workplace safety requirements are being met. Keeping staff informed about new regulations and processes is crucial.

We work hard to stay aligned with the latest developments and trends in health and safety training. One of our new courses, mental health first aid, is aimed at giving people the right skills to support a family member, friend or colleague who is experiencing mental health issues. 

We would be delighted to speak with you to find out more about your business requirements, and tailor a course to suit your needs. If you are looking for first aid courses in Somerset Lightning Solutions have you covered. You can get in touch to find out more or to book a course using the contact page or by giving us a call on 01935 473575.