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Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry Elements

The Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry (EFAW+F) course from Lightning Training Solutions is designed for people preparing to become emergency first aiders within low-risk workplace environments on land owned by Forestry England (formerly the Forestry Commission).

Although the EFAW+F course provides essential knowledge for those operating in low-risk settings, individuals involved in higher-risk activities such as tree surgery and civil engineering require more extensive training and should attend our 3-day version of the course, which offers more comprehensive coverage.

Lightning Training Solutions' EFAW+F course features a range of subject areas, including CPR, danger assessment, accident record-keeping, basic wound care, shock management and rescue techniques.

With expert tuition delivered with friendly professionalism, attendees will learn how to handle medical emergencies through practical demonstrations and theory sessions.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate valid for three years that meets HSE requirements (pdf opens a new window).

Vital topics include primary survey skills, which involve:

  • unconsciousness (including seizures),
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • automated external defibrillator (AED) usage
  • choking
  • bleeding wounds
  • shock treatment
  • minor burns/scalds/splinters
  • fractures of bones/muscles/joints

By attending this course from Lightning Training Solutions, participants can be confident that they are adequately prepared to take on the important role of emergency first aider in low-risk aspects of their job on Forestry England land (opens a new window).


Course Duration Per Course Per Person (PP) +Forestry Element (PP)
Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry Elements 1 Day £700 *£70 +£20



First Aid at Work + Forestry Elements

Lightning Training Solutions offer a comprehensive, practical three-day course that will equip your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle First Aid incidents in hazardous forestry workplaces.

Our training First Aid at Work + Forestry Elements course meets the standards of the Forestry Commission and includes additional advanced training to ensure your staff have the required competency to deal confidently with potentially life-threatening scenarios.

This course is ideal for workers and arborists who are operating at remote sites where medical aid may be limited or unavailable.

During the course, we will cover all potential accidents/illnesses which may occur in a forestry context, including:

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of a Forestry First Aider
  • Being able to assess an incident in a Forestry Environment
  • Identifying the signs, symptoms and history of a casualty in a Forestry Environment
  • Learn how to assess situations and respond promptly, efficiently, and safely
  • How to prevent cross-infection
  • How to administer first aid for a range of injuries, including:
    • checking an injured person’s airway
    • breathing and circulation
    • secondary survey procedures that assess overall wellbeing
    • incident reporting requirements
    • correct usage of automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
    • legal considerations when dealing with incidents
    • casualty movement methods
    • dealing with fractures, burns and scalds
    • gain knowledge about epilepsy, diabetes and asthma
    • managing major bleeds and chest injuries

At Lightning Training Solutions, we understand that safety should always come first when operating in hazardous environments, so our team of experienced instructors will make sure you have an informative and enjoyable learning experience while ensuring your human resources are ready for any eventuality onsite.

We can also provide refresher courses upon request or customised packages if needed.

So contact us today – give yourself peace of mind knowing that your personnel are adequately trained to handle first aid incidents safely and effectively!


Course Duration Per Course Per Person (PP) +Forestry Element (PP)
First Aid at Work + Forestry Elements 3 Days £1,800 *£180 +£30



Forest School First Aid

At Lightning Training Solutions, we offer comprehensive First Aid training that is specific to the Forest School setting.

This training provides participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence needed to safely administer First Aid in an outdoor environment.

Our Forest School First Aid course will equip you with the ability to deal effectively with life-saving emergencies when spending time outdoors.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have achieved a Paediatric First Aid qualification which meets the Early Years Foundation Stage practice guidance and statutory guidelines.

This intensive course covers topics such as:

  • Recognising an emergency situation
  • Applying CPR techniques and responding to choking incidents
  • Dealing with sudden illnesses, injuries and bleeding
  • Assessing a casualty’s condition and determining the appropriate action required
  • Effective communication in an emergency situation
  • Administering first aid for burns, fractures and head injuries
  • Understanding how to treat shock and dealing with unconscious casualties
  • Analysing potential hazards within the outdoor environment
  • Knowing what resources are available in a Forest School setting

Through this training, you will gain a deep understanding of how to manage medical incidents at your own Forest School site.

You will be able to identify any potential risks or hazards that could occur in an outdoor environment and apply your new set of skills appropriately.

Our experienced trainers have designed this course specifically for those who wish to run their own Forest School sessions; providing them with the safety assurance needed for running these types of activities.


Course Duration Per Course Per Person
Forest School First Aid 2 Days £1,050 *£90



Outdoor First Aid

At Lightning Training Solutions, we offer a comprehensive 16-hour (over 2 days) Outdoor First Aid Course to help equip you with the key first aid situations you need to know for your particular activity.

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Life signs: We will teach you how to recognise the key signs of vitality in a casualty and what steps need to be taken if certain ones are not present.
  • The ABCDE approach: Our course offers an overview of this method, which is designed to help manage any first aid situation.
  • Airway management: We cover everything from the familiar Recovery Position to other variations that might be necessary for more intense scenarios.
  • Breathing problems: You will learn the different types of CPR and when they should be used, as well as successful methods for dealing with breathing difficulties.
  • Injuries related to head and spine: Our instructors provide guidance on how best to work with a team in these cases, as well as advice on safe helmet removal techniques.
  • Hypothermia, hyperthermia & cold injuries: During our course, we provide useful tips for recognising and treating these conditions effectively.
  • Common illnesses & medical emergencies: We will teach you how to recognise symptoms of more serious medical issues and what steps you can take once they have been identified.
  • Animal bites & stings: You will learn about the best practices when it comes to responding to insect attacks and animal bites – both domestic and wild animals included!
  • Regulations update: An important part of our course is ensuring that all participants are up-to-date with the relevant regulations that must be adhered to when providing first aid assistance outdoors.

Overall, our Outdoor First Aid Course allows you to become better prepared on a range of topics so that you can feel confident in handling any situation that may arise while out in nature enjoying your favourite activity!

From learning about life signs and airway management to dealing with hypothermia or understanding animal bites, our Outdoor First Aid training is designed so that every participant leaves feeling more knowledgeable and better equipped for any potential emergency scenarios out in the great outdoors!


Course Duration Per Course Per Person
Outdoor First Aid 2 Days £1,200 *£100



Emergency Outdoor First Aid

Lightning Training Solutions' one-day outdoor emergency first aid qualification is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to a range of emergency situations in an efficient and effective manner when professional medical help is not immediately available.

This course covers a wide variety of topics, enabling all participants to gain the confidence they need in responding to any Outdoor First Aid situation:

  • Summoning Assistance: Learners will gain an understanding of how to call for professional medical help when required and be able to assess any situation appropriately.
  • Vital Signs: Participants will learn how to recognise changes in vital signs and be able to take action according as necessary.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Our course includes training on the use of CPR for adults, children, and babies.
  • Blood Loss: Learners will have the ability to accurately assess any bleeding wound and be able to apply pressure correctly for adequate blood loss control.

This qualification meets the requirements set by the Institute for Outdoor Learning band 2 training program.

Additionally, this qualification provides learners with a deeper understanding of how best to act in an emergency situation outdoors – allowing them to remain confident while providing first aid treatment in a prompt, safe, and effective manner.


Course Duration Per Course Per Person
Emergency Outdoor First Aid 1 Day (8 hrs) £840 *£70





Please note:

* Book a full course (12 places) and get 2 places FREE! (prices listed 'per person' reflect discount)

There is a maximum of 12 people for each First Aid course, however, we are always happy to accommodate any number of people your business may need to train and prices for fewer numbers of people can be negotiated. Please contact us for details.

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